Construction Watch

Construction Update – Week of February 2, 2018

Construction continues on most phases of the project from site work, connecting the utilities, to brick work on the exterior of the mixed-use portion of the project, to mechanical/electrical/plumbing rough-in work inside all three buildings. The roofing scope of work also ranges from decking on the gymnasium to the final coating on the theater. Mechanical equipment is in place for the rooftop HVAC systems along with ductwork throughout the project. The first of four elevators is scheduled to be installed in the theater at the end of the month. The walls are also taking shape throughout the project as the gypsum board is going up on the interior framing to be followed by taping, mudding and sanding joints with primer and paint closing out this element of the work. Staff is also working with the design team on a number of other important parts of the project, like the sign program, the theater marquee, a bridge connecting the city hall parking deck, and equipment orders for the recreation area.