Construction Watch

Construction Update – Week of January 12, 2018

The sewer line for the project has been tied in on Highway 20 and the sewer subcontractor is working their way back up to the lift station location behind city hall. The roof deck is complete on the entire project with a few minor panels going on the awnings over the mixed use entrances. Work continues inside the project to layout the interior spaces and rooms as the mechanical and electrical subcontractors complete their rough-in tasks in the buildings. Concrete block continues to be placed in and on the gym forming the exterior walls of the recreation space. The concrete for the walking track has been poured and the contractor is now able to work from this level to lay block and install mechanical equipment for the space. The brick masons are nearing completion of the west elevation of the theater during their latest attempt on the exterior. The storefront windows and doors are also being installed as well as interior framing in the mixed-use building, with the gymnasium to follow.